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Rehab therapy successes
Care that changes lives


John came to Ingleside for assistance with wound care which resulted in decreased mobility and difficulty completing daily tasks with independence. The early weeks at Ingleside were challenging because of the change in surroundings. Through a team approach from ST, OT, and PT John is now independent with most of his daily tasks. He states that his favorite thing about therapy was getting to know everyone and his proudest moment was getting back his independence. John’s progress has been inspiring for everyone in the facility and his advice for current residents undergoing therapy is to just do the best you can.

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Ruth came to Ingleside following a stroke, which resulted in left-sided weakness leading to difficulties with mobility and decreased independence with self-care tasks. Ruth reports the early weeks at Ingleside were embarrassing and very difficult because of her increased dependence upon others. Through a team approach from speech, occupational and physical therapy, Ruth can now complete transfers without assistance of a lift and has better control over her left side. Ruth is also better able to get around in her wheelchair. She states that her favorite things about therapy were that she is getting back to where she was before the stroke. Her proudest moment was when she first walked with the parallel bars and was first able to transfer without the lift. Ruth's progress has been inspiring for everyone in the facility. Her advice for current residents undergoing therapy is not to give up and keep pushing yourself. Congratulations, Ruth!

Ruth and Dale

Roger came to Ingleside Communities with muscular dystrophy and recent hospitalization for pneumonia, which resulted in overall weakness and difficulty with standing and walking. Roger said, "the early days at Ingleside took a little getting used to, but everyone was really helpful and kind." During this time, Roger and his wife kept their humor and optimistic outlook. Through a team approach from occupational and physical therapy, Roger can now stand and use his walker without help. He states that his favorite thing about therapy was that "it helped me get my strength back and the therapists were very nice." Roger recalls "a great moment was when I realized I could get well enough to go home again."


Roger's progress has been inspiring for everyone in the facility and his advice for current residents undergoing therapy is to "keep it up and work hard at it."


Mary came to Ingleside Communities following foot surgery and had non-weight bearing status. According to Mary, "there is no place like home," and she was very driven to get home safely and with more strength. At first, Mary's greatest challenge was getting up from a chair without putting weight on her right foot. Mary worked very hard during inpatient occupational and physical therapy and made a lot of progress. According to Mary, therapy was a good experience because it helped her get stronger, was full of variety, and prepared her to go home. Our therapists continued to work with Mary on at outpatient basis at home while she regained the ability to bear weight. Mary says her continued therapy has been good and helpful... because being at home is different. 


Mary is extremely thankful to our therapy staff who helped her return home. She can't wait to take her dog on walks when she makes a full recovery.


Daniel came to Ingleside with a traumatic brain injury and a cervical fracture, which resulted in limited mobility and difficulties eating. Daniel stated that the “early weeks were confusing, and he felt unconnected with the real world.” Through the team approach from Ingleside Communities' speech, occupational, and physical therapy, Daniel now can function better and participate in life more fully. He had “no idea the brain could go so crazy” but is happy to report that his ability to swallow is improving and he can now move around without a walker. A proud moment for Daniel was when he “went into the dining room [without a walker] and everyone was cheering.” Daniel’s progress has been inspiring for the people in the facility. His advice for current residents regarding therapy is to “listen to these people; they know what they are doing!

Congrats to Daniel and our wonderful therapy team on a successful recovery!